Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop The Suicide: Prevention Is Education

Suicide, killing one's self physically after one's spirit has been smashed. Many teens/ young adults have taken their lives various reasons. For teens is the bullying, the depression, and the struggle with sexual/ gender idenity, the bullying, oh yeah did I forget to mention the bullying. What many people don't see is the unhappiness of their lives. But society also has it's way of keeping people quiet. It's called the "fear factor". With the use of fear, intimidation, and violence are the ways of the bully. Many people who witnessed it, let it go. "Oh kids will be kids." But kids can kill, not only physically but verbally as well. Normally it's stems from home. Parents need to stop pushing their hate and prejudices on to their children. Because what they hate just might be who their kids are. teaching out children to have love, tolerance, and education on what we don't understand must take place. The way to end hate is to educate.

In the past few months almost 10 gay teens made the headline. All having 4 things in common they were all gay, male, bullied at school, and they all killed themselves. These is very sad because this could have been prevented. To picture their hell, their spirit being smashed beyond repair. That you can see how they made the choice to leave this world, the way they did. Bullying is a form of hate. There is so much hate already that has infested this world. That we nee to show our kids love. It was The Judds, who said "Love can build a bridge." Let them hold on to their spirit, instead of taking it and smashing it. Stealing their dreams and robbing them of their self esteem. By not taking action and changing their lives. More importantly given them back their power to take control.

I am a survivor of bullying. From the 3rd grade to 8th grade, I was bullied. I had a rock thrown at my head, was held down by 2 boys who were yelling, screaming at me, having someone jump on my back till I fell and busted my knees. There was the name calling, "Faggot", "fag", "gay wad", "homo". I endured hell that I had thought about taking my own life. All I had went through help anchor my depression. Lord knows what would have happen if I hadn't told my counselor of my thoughts and problems. She helped me get the help I needed. Even though I didn't want to go to therapy, but it saved me. She saved me from going over the edge. Afterwards I was blinded by anger, that I didn't see what she did for me. But now I am thankful for her and saving me. I didn't get my power back, till my junior year. For U.S History, we had a group project to do where we had to develop our own country. My group consisted of myself, my two friends, and another guy, who one of my friends liked. After we choose the basics of our project, I was working on the flag with a friend of mine. While the other two members wrote down the basics. When the guy said, "We aren't going to use the fag's ideas." I heard him, and asked him, " What did you say?" He was silent and didn't even look at me. As we went about working on the project, He said it again. "We aren't going to use the fag's ideas." I lost it, I had enough of being called fag that my words became my sword. I started cursing, yelling, even making it clear that if he called me fag again that I would make him a permanent fixture of the wall. I just didn't take my power back, I demanded my power back. My history teacher told the other kid, that he was being written up. Everyone else in the class was shocked and cheered me on. I walked out of class feeling like I owned the world. So take back your power kids!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of power, the New Jersey Senate, and State Assembly Committees passed an Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. Which it will move on to a full Senate and Assembly vote, when it passes it will become The TOUGHEST Anti-Bullying Legislature in the Country. Change is coming and things will get better, Shout your voice to make it be heard.


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