Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Same Sex Marriage: Equality at the Altar

In this day and age, there is a market aimed at catering to Same Sex couple, who are planning their weddings. Many people are capitalizing on same sex marriage. But on the other side is the struggle for marriage equality. Who want to marry their partner. Show their commitment to each other. Then you have those who aim to stop it. Again this blogger wants to know why these people think it should be banned.

As a gay man, I want to legally marry my partner. And have the over 1,000 rights and privileges that come with it. Because I am not only sharing my love and life with someone.I am giving them my life. Just like my straight brothers , who've married women. Who they love and sharing their lives with them. Being able to combined finances, buying a house together, tax breaks, and much more. These things are taken for granted by couples, who are able to marry. The truth is what makes my commitment to my partner any different then that of my straight peers? The facts stands tall other then gender. There is no difference. So here is where I must ask why do you feel the need to ban same sex marriage?

The reasons that people are trying to ban same sex marriages is just on pure stupidity. You can read it it on the signs they carry, That say "God Hates Fags", "Fag Sin", "Save yourself and Repent your sins." I wish people would get some education and see that what they preach is pure hate. Which is pure stupidity because they are trying to make people fearful of granting the LGBTQ Community the same rights as they have. Making all of us equal in this country. Which you can say scares them, so they resort to spreading fear to keep equality from happening. It will happen, whether they stop us or not.

But with all the reasons in the world add up to stupidity. As the right wing conservatives, who oppose same sex marriage shout their reasons. People are realizing and learning quick that they no longer make sense. Their reasons are based on fear and religious dogma. With the great awakening that is taking place. People are realizing that the condemning god, they preach about doesn't exist. And the realization of an all loving god is emerging. So whatever base they have left to stand on ; when it comes to banning same sex marriage is falling apart. People need to open their eyes and see the reason to ban same sex marriage is quickly turning to dust. And they are saying marriage is the involvement of religion. They don't understand the power of the word,"marriage". As the community we want marriage equality because of the rights. Granting legalized same sex civil unions, doesn't carry the same rights as marriage. Plus I for one, when i marry my partner, I will call him my husband. So we need to end all discriminatory legislation that would ban same sex marriages.

*** Note to Elected Officials*** We elect you to make the right choices to improve our country and extend equality to all citizens. Not to promote your own special interests and interests of the right wing conservatives. Show us that you are for equality, by voting down discriminatory legislature. Vote fo pro equality legislature.

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