Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dedications Wall

This is a Wall of Memorial. Which we dedicate to those who took their lives; because they are different. Different for loving someone of the same sex as they are. And the world that cast them out for it. Whether it be from religion, family, and/or society. I make a commitment to not only lesbian and gay youth I make this vow, but to the whole community. I vow to help make the lives of the future a much more prouder and loving one. It takes time and patience to change the world. Our constant presence as the loving caring and accepting community. Show the world that our rainbow colors. Let them fly high and bright.

These are the names of the LGBTQ community we have lost over the years. Whether it be by their own hand or by hate. We honor and remember them for the lessons they taught us in their short lives here. I just hope I don't have to add any more names to this list. Stay Strong my children, God loves you as I do.

* Tyler Clementi
* Asher Brown
* Billy Lucas
*Seth Walsh
*Bobby Griffith
*Terrel Williams
*Corey Jackson
*Lawerence King
*Matthew Shepard
*Gwen Arajuo
*Brandon Bitner


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  2. Very well said! Thanks for sharing this.


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