Sunday, December 26, 2010

Door Way to Same Sex Marriage

Now that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy has now been repealed. And earlier last week President Obama signed the repeal into law. Now the door way is open to same sex marriage. Which is the next step in the Gay Rights Movement. Some people crack jokes about Don't Ask Don't Tell. But truth is, Equality won, and all the haters need to sit down. I am excited that we are becoming closer and closer to marriage equality. Even though some people want to stand in the midd of the road and prevent it. Equality is coming you can't stop it from happening. In 2011 I hope to be apart of the fight for the right to marry my partner, (when I have one). With the power of equality becoming stronger and stronger.

Let's fight the good fight

<3 Brian

Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT has been REPEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today history was made, when the U.S Senate voted to end the 17 year law that banned gays and lesbians from serving openly in the U.S Armed Services. I am proud not only as a gay man but as an American. Because 65- 31 vote to end it, Equality has won today. I want to thank you to those in Congress who made the important choice to help push Equality forward instead of holding it back. As a country we are becoming truely equal, where all men, women, and children are created equal. I want to thank you to those Soliders regardles of who you love, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and saluate you for your dedication to our country.

To those who voted against this, You can't stop Equality from happening. So why bother standing in the way. Join the party and Let FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a Great Day to be a OUT GAY MAN OR LESBIAN WOMAN IN THE MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sylvia Guerrero: A Mother for Change

On October 4, 2002 is a day that changed Sylvia Guerrero's life  When her daughter Gwen didn't come home from a night out. She became worried, like any mother would. But a few hours later she recieved heart breaking news. They found Gwen's body, buried in shallow grave. She had been beaten multiple times, strangled,  then when she was dead, she was beaten some more. Her killer then went out to breakfast like nothing happened.

What happened was a life ended, Gwen's life. Gwen Arajuo, who was a 17 year old male to female transgendered woman. Shelived her life as a woman. But because of which she was harassed to the point where she dropped out of school. Gwen was a brave young woman, who made the choice to come out and live life as Gwen. But it was hate that killed her. Her killers Michael Magidson, Jose Merel, Jason Nabors, and Jason Cazanes knew Gwen and had had sexual contact with Gwen. But they never knew she was biologically a male when they found out they went into a range. Luring Gwen, by inviting her to a party. When she was dragged into a bath and exposed. They beat Gwen and then hung her from a tree. After she was dead, they cut her down and beat her some more. After that they buried her in shallow grave. Went about their lives.

After putting Gwen to rest, Sylvia's journey started with seeking Justice for Gwen. As the murder trial started many testified they were convicted. But only after two trials. Magidson and Merel were given 15 years to life for second degree murder where, Nabors and Cazares with a plea bargine recieved 11 years for voluntary manslaughter. None of them were charged with a hate crime.

Ever since Gwen's death, Sylvia help changed the law in California. By pushing to have the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act. Which prohibits defendent from using Cultural or Social bias as for justicification for their crime. Which has been signed into law for a few years. Sylvia also goes around the country speaking at high schools and college about her daughter. She is an advocate for the transgendered community and an activist for the GLBTQ Coummunity. To help educate other about the truth of Transgenderism.

You may have caught on Lifetime Television, who primiered a movie titled A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. Starring Merecedes Rhul and J.D Pardo, who both gave chillening preformance as Sylvia Guerrero and Gwen Araujo. And helps give an eyes look into way trans people go through.

It's been 8 years since Gwen was taken from this world.  But yet it's in the legacy of how she lived her life and in the manner of her death she has inspired millions of transgendered children/youth to live life to the fullest. The cause of her death was not only hate, but because she was being herself. IT's a shame that she was taken away from her family and the life she have had. If it wasn't for 4 men who hated Gwen for not being a woman. In truth she was a woman in every shape and form. But did not have biological woman pparts. That didn't mean they had to kill her because of it. They chose to end her life, in ending her life. They awakened a fire in Sylvia Guerrero, who is opening the minds and souls of people to her story as well as Gwen's story. Because in telling Gwen's story she is telling her own. As a mother who loved her child unconidtionally, that is how Gwen knew in her final seconds on this earth "knew that momma loved her."

In Loving memory of Gwen Amber Rose Araujo
Febuary 28, 1985- OOctober 4, 2002

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop The Suicide: Prevention Is Education

Suicide, killing one's self physically after one's spirit has been smashed. Many teens/ young adults have taken their lives various reasons. For teens is the bullying, the depression, and the struggle with sexual/ gender idenity, the bullying, oh yeah did I forget to mention the bullying. What many people don't see is the unhappiness of their lives. But society also has it's way of keeping people quiet. It's called the "fear factor". With the use of fear, intimidation, and violence are the ways of the bully. Many people who witnessed it, let it go. "Oh kids will be kids." But kids can kill, not only physically but verbally as well. Normally it's stems from home. Parents need to stop pushing their hate and prejudices on to their children. Because what they hate just might be who their kids are. teaching out children to have love, tolerance, and education on what we don't understand must take place. The way to end hate is to educate.

In the past few months almost 10 gay teens made the headline. All having 4 things in common they were all gay, male, bullied at school, and they all killed themselves. These is very sad because this could have been prevented. To picture their hell, their spirit being smashed beyond repair. That you can see how they made the choice to leave this world, the way they did. Bullying is a form of hate. There is so much hate already that has infested this world. That we nee to show our kids love. It was The Judds, who said "Love can build a bridge." Let them hold on to their spirit, instead of taking it and smashing it. Stealing their dreams and robbing them of their self esteem. By not taking action and changing their lives. More importantly given them back their power to take control.

I am a survivor of bullying. From the 3rd grade to 8th grade, I was bullied. I had a rock thrown at my head, was held down by 2 boys who were yelling, screaming at me, having someone jump on my back till I fell and busted my knees. There was the name calling, "Faggot", "fag", "gay wad", "homo". I endured hell that I had thought about taking my own life. All I had went through help anchor my depression. Lord knows what would have happen if I hadn't told my counselor of my thoughts and problems. She helped me get the help I needed. Even though I didn't want to go to therapy, but it saved me. She saved me from going over the edge. Afterwards I was blinded by anger, that I didn't see what she did for me. But now I am thankful for her and saving me. I didn't get my power back, till my junior year. For U.S History, we had a group project to do where we had to develop our own country. My group consisted of myself, my two friends, and another guy, who one of my friends liked. After we choose the basics of our project, I was working on the flag with a friend of mine. While the other two members wrote down the basics. When the guy said, "We aren't going to use the fag's ideas." I heard him, and asked him, " What did you say?" He was silent and didn't even look at me. As we went about working on the project, He said it again. "We aren't going to use the fag's ideas." I lost it, I had enough of being called fag that my words became my sword. I started cursing, yelling, even making it clear that if he called me fag again that I would make him a permanent fixture of the wall. I just didn't take my power back, I demanded my power back. My history teacher told the other kid, that he was being written up. Everyone else in the class was shocked and cheered me on. I walked out of class feeling like I owned the world. So take back your power kids!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of power, the New Jersey Senate, and State Assembly Committees passed an Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. Which it will move on to a full Senate and Assembly vote, when it passes it will become The TOUGHEST Anti-Bullying Legislature in the Country. Change is coming and things will get better, Shout your voice to make it be heard.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Same Sex Marriage: Equality at the Altar

In this day and age, there is a market aimed at catering to Same Sex couple, who are planning their weddings. Many people are capitalizing on same sex marriage. But on the other side is the struggle for marriage equality. Who want to marry their partner. Show their commitment to each other. Then you have those who aim to stop it. Again this blogger wants to know why these people think it should be banned.

As a gay man, I want to legally marry my partner. And have the over 1,000 rights and privileges that come with it. Because I am not only sharing my love and life with someone.I am giving them my life. Just like my straight brothers , who've married women. Who they love and sharing their lives with them. Being able to combined finances, buying a house together, tax breaks, and much more. These things are taken for granted by couples, who are able to marry. The truth is what makes my commitment to my partner any different then that of my straight peers? The facts stands tall other then gender. There is no difference. So here is where I must ask why do you feel the need to ban same sex marriage?

The reasons that people are trying to ban same sex marriages is just on pure stupidity. You can read it it on the signs they carry, That say "God Hates Fags", "Fag Sin", "Save yourself and Repent your sins." I wish people would get some education and see that what they preach is pure hate. Which is pure stupidity because they are trying to make people fearful of granting the LGBTQ Community the same rights as they have. Making all of us equal in this country. Which you can say scares them, so they resort to spreading fear to keep equality from happening. It will happen, whether they stop us or not.

But with all the reasons in the world add up to stupidity. As the right wing conservatives, who oppose same sex marriage shout their reasons. People are realizing and learning quick that they no longer make sense. Their reasons are based on fear and religious dogma. With the great awakening that is taking place. People are realizing that the condemning god, they preach about doesn't exist. And the realization of an all loving god is emerging. So whatever base they have left to stand on ; when it comes to banning same sex marriage is falling apart. People need to open their eyes and see the reason to ban same sex marriage is quickly turning to dust. And they are saying marriage is the involvement of religion. They don't understand the power of the word,"marriage". As the community we want marriage equality because of the rights. Granting legalized same sex civil unions, doesn't carry the same rights as marriage. Plus I for one, when i marry my partner, I will call him my husband. So we need to end all discriminatory legislation that would ban same sex marriages.

*** Note to Elected Officials*** We elect you to make the right choices to improve our country and extend equality to all citizens. Not to promote your own special interests and interests of the right wing conservatives. Show us that you are for equality, by voting down discriminatory legislature. Vote fo pro equality legislature.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mothers for Change Seris

Hey everyone,

I have decided to open myself up to ideas on how to get this blog out to the masses. But as I develope this blog along with my other blog Brian's Spirit. I am taking this blog on a amazing journey but educating those about the LGBTQ community. In doing so I am paying tirbute to those wonderful women in our lives. Our mothers, so I will blog true stories about mothers and their journeys to accepting their LGBTQ children. As I profile them here I will build a wall of love for them. Because let's face it mother's know how to love.

So to all the mothers out their, who love their LGBTQ children unconditionally and accept them for who they are. I say this Thank you. To the mothers who are a work in progress, I say thank you for taking the steps to helping your children overcome this hurdle in their lives.

Please spread the word of Rit-N-Rave thanks loves.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mary Griffth nd Prayers for Bobby

Mary Griffith, a mom, a wife, a grand mom, a driving force for LGBTQ youth. In the wake of her gay son's suicide found the peace and strength to keep going. Also became an example for parents to accept their gay and lesbian children. She has touche thousands of people's lives. It took a very personal tragedy for the light to shine through the cloudiness of religious bigotry. In the process youth has a rock to stand on when it comes to coming to terms with their gayness, bringing their families together in acceptance. She has kept her son's memory alive but tell his story. A story that was depicted in the book "Prayers for Bobby" by Leroy Aarons, who heart felt saga. Leroy has since went home to the Lord. But his work carries on. But part of his legacy is his book Prayers for Bobby.

As a gay man myself, I want to thank Mary for her work in helping LGBTQ youth know that they are loved, equal member of society. I know Bobby would be happy that his mom has changed and accepted her gay son. Mary thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Much love.

<3 Brian